Get Active

Get an active Part of the first real Enlightenment Process

Once you have understood that civilization is repressing most fundamental natural orders around freedom, free evolution and also the regular consciousness of all animals and that here lies the psycological and physical core cause of all the many destructive escalations of the present time, then you might feel the desire to participate in accelerating the enlightenment process. Here are some suggestions on how to get an active part of the first real enlightenment of civilization without much effort nor any costs:

1. SPREAD THE INFORMATION by forwarding the link to this website or by raising them in discussion forums in the internet or other forms of society.

2. TRY TO GET MULTIPLICATORS INVOLVED. This could be prominent persons who can reach a broad puplicity.

3. GET IN CONTACT TO JOURNALISTS, media outlets or bloggers and try to convince them to raise the issues on their platforms.

4. DEVELOP, IMPLEMENT AND SHARE OWN IDEAS on how the first real enlightenment of civilization can be triggert as fast as possible.

5. (…)